Which Social media platform is good for selling their book?

We often get asked by authors, which Social media platform is good for selling their book.

Here is a great article that will help you decide.

“When it comes to designating your primary social media channel, look for a place where you can build loyal fans and sell more books. In marketing, those two go hand in hand. You have to engage where you sell for maximum results.

You won’t win the right to sell without building loyalty and connection first, though. After you build a reputation as a giver, your readers will give you permission to sell them your books. That is today’s Internet buying culture in a nutshell. Trying to bypass building relationships and just broadcasting “Buy my books” is a failure to understand how the buying process works.

Five Measures

When looking for your primary social media channel, you want to find the best mix of five measures:

1. Find the best fit for your reader/audience demographics. You have to do your audience research and know which channels target your readers.

2. Look for the channel with the best overall global numbers. The answer to this is currently Facebook, which holds 79 percent of people on the Internet age 18 and older, according to Pew. No other channel comes close to Facebook’s numbers across all ages. But remember: this is just one factor of five, albeit a powerful one.

3. Look for the channel with the best commerce tools or opportunities to buy a product without having to leave the platform. Again, the answer to this one currently is Facebook. No other platform offers the variety of applications for converting leads, including buying your book, signing up for your email list, and other opt-in actions—all without ever leaving the page.

The Facebook advantage: there is always an opportunity to buy or sign up present on your page. You don’t have to constantly post “Buy my book” or “Please sign up for my email list.” Also, when new readers find you in their searches, they can buy a book or sign up for your email list right on your business page. There’s no need to redirect them to outside links. Less clicks equals less attrition.

4. Look for the channel that is a good match for your genre. The difference between this measure and the first is that every channel that matches your demographic might not necessarily be a good match for your genre.
For instance, if you’re a fiction writer, LinkedIn may fit your reader demographic by age and gender, but in reality it’s a worthless channel for fiction writers. It’s definitely in the outpost category for fiction.

5. Look for the channel with the best ability to help new readers find you and then convert them to a sale. According to the latest AOL/Convertro research, this is YouTube first, Facebook second. Since YouTube can be a challenge for authors who are not video-savvy enough to sell their books, look for someone who can help.

The important takeaway from the research: Facebook has the best chance of introducing new readers to your books if you are not video savvy, and gives the best overall chance of closing the sale. The next best channel is Pinterest, followed by LinkedIn, Google Plus and Tumblr, with Twitter bringing up the rear of the top channels.”
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