Book: Lucky Bastard
Author: David Allan Collins

As a first time autobiographer – I approached William & Irina Webster to appraise & hopefully publish my own life story : LUCKY BASTARD.

I’d previously approached several publishers in the UK, USA and Australia only to find that they were besieged with amateur biographers & wouldn’t consider publishing without payment of a substantial fee (especially in the USA).

I discovered that the Webster’s were approachable, not ‘over the top’ with their fees and very professional throughout the publishing process.

I’m totally delighted with the finished product.

So, if you’re a ‘wannabe’ published author, I really recommend that you have a talk to them.

David Allan Collins
Published Author.

Book: Tom Culley
Author: Stephen Burns

This is not an enquiry !!!

It is to commend you on writing & publishing an excellent book on Tom Culley & “Wonga Merino Stud”. I was there in the late 1950 % Hugh Warden started as Overseer shortly after I did as a Jackeroo. Tom Culley taught me everything he could about sheep breeding and discussed his mating ideas & the history off the Wonga & Myall Park flocks. I knew nearly all the modern names mentioned in your book. Elaine Culley was only a very small girl when I was there. Thank you for bringing back a lot of wonderful forgotten memories.

I am almost 76 years old now.

Kind Regards
Don Hargreaves

Book: A Night in Hangman’s Hall
Author: Scott Tyler

Yesterday I received a parcel containing 10 copies of A Night in Hangman’s Hall and I am thrilled. Thank you so much they are Brilliant, the cover is a little darker than I originally imagined but it looks
great and the printing is crisp and clear.

I would love to place an additional order for another 100 copies so I can have them ready for a few events that are coming up over the coming months

Once again thank you so much for all your assistance with every step of the process, when the 2nd book is finished I will definitely be back to publish it with you.

Scott Tyler

Books: When all else fails : A journey into the heart with medical intuition (Book 1)
When all else fails : A workbook in self-healing (Book 2)

Author: Carmel Bell

“When my publishers decided to cease publishing my books, I decided to revert the rights so I could re-issue them with a new look and feel for a new generation, as I received persistent enquiries on where to get my titles. Having initial online exposure, I came across Inspiring Publishers who had plenty of good ideas for promoting and finding new markets for my books.

It’s like having a new agent, but one who not only takes a serious interest in selling my books, but who also follows up and persists in getting the right deal for me, particularly with our recent signings with Germany and South Korean publishers. ISP will front your books to all the major book fairs in the world, alongside major writer houses and agents, with equal billing for attention. It’s for this reason I have chosen ISP to leverage the small amount of effort on my part into a huge potential for publishing wins, which have now come to fruition.”

Best regards,