Mr Johnson’s Windmill

Get ready to meet Mr Johnson, a farmer from New South Wales in Australia. Experience the country as you spend a day exploring everyday life on the farm. Ever wondered what a windmill is used for? In Mr. Johnson’s Windmill you will visit a windmill and Mr. Johnson will tell you all about it. Come with Jessica Hislop on a wonderful farm journey.

The Hunchback and the Kitchen Maid

Princess Isabella thought her father, the king, had put on a great ball for her 18 birthday, but it turned out not to be the case. Instead Isabella was thrown into the kitchen to work as a kitchen maid. Isabella was upset, but a good fairy came and made her a beautiful ball gown, telling her to go out there and just mingle with the guests. When Isabella saw the hunchback on his own, she felt there was something different about him, so went and danced with him. The hunchback Read More …

Minx the Ginger Ninja

Minx the ginger ninja is about a kitten’s journey to self-belief. How she faces and conquers her fears, becoming the cat she has always wanted to be, through the ancient martial art of Karate. First time author and illustrator Katrina Schiavone has been inspired by her love for animals, especially her own fabulous feline. Being a dedicated veterinary nurse for the past 18 years has allowed her to gain incredible insight into the amazing world of animals. There cheeky, playful, unpredictable and hilarious behaviours have inspired Katrina to develop this Read More …

Meet Teddy

Are you ready? This is Teddy. Teddy is a Groodle, which rhymes with noodle! He is always cheery, never ever dreary. He is incredibly big, much taller than any pig! See his massive paws, and his strong black claws. His pointy nose is rather long…… ….. What is that awful pong?

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide is an adventure story like no other. Written by 12-year-old author, Arghya Khan, it is a story full of heroics and adventure. Set in a fantasy kingdom, sixteen-year-old Wally is just an ordinary boy, until one day he is wrongfully accused of murder. His eventual escape takes him on the most unlikely adventure of self-discovery, friendship, romance and betrayal, as he joins forces with the powerful wizard Stig, huntswoman Ally and bar tender Josh, to take down the biggest danger to their world, the evil witch Nograid. Read More …


At 11 years old, I had a lot of things: joy, pity, horror, fantasy, frustration and so on. I would love to share them with everyone around the world. These short stories, poems, essays, fantasy and recounts were written in my spare time. They are not intended to be as good as a scholar’s work. I, as an 11 year old at the time, based these writings for fellow kids. I’m not a professional writer so not everything is perfect. So read my book and you will definitely miss your Read More …

Soapy Soapy and Song

The Soapy song is very unique as you can personalise it for your child. I encourage you to insert your child’s name at the end of each chorus to enjoy this experience to its full effect. In this way you and your children can begin your own Soapy adventures. It is great to sing at bath time and play with a bar of soap. It is also great to sing and share the chorus at anytime you want to lift your mood.