Royalty Based Publishing Contract

This kind of publishing is for that very special book with major worldwide appeal.

As ISP is not a big publishing house, they can’t offer the same as the major publishers do. There is no forward payment against sales, although the royalties paid are much higher that a traditional publisher, who pay 8%net.

ISP will do all the production including eBooks, marketing, promotion, illustrations if any. Proofreading, cover art work, etc. Listing the book world wide, setting up International book fair promotions to literary agents, for international rights and translation rights.

Also placing the book into shops here in Australia on and off-line, and shops in the UK as well.

ISP handles all the shipping and sending out the book to customers on sales, except authors own sales.

The author has to conduct book launches and other promotional events. The author will also have to buy a number of books to sell at the book launch and other events. The author retains all profit from these events, if they arrange the book launch. If ISP sets up the book launch, the author retains 70%net profit received.

The Publisher pays the author 12% net royalties on all print book sales, and 30% net on all eBook sales, other than author arranged events, and ISP arranged book launches.

Books published under a Royalty based contract are: Self Help, How To, Mind, body and spirit, Business books, and Children’s books that have an educational message.

The author has to have a critique done on the book to ascertain suitability, and commercial value, cost $395. The author will receive a full report on the book, including how to fix it if there are problems.