Co-edition Contract Publishing

This is a very standard procedure in the publishing industry. Lots of Publisher to Publisher uses Co-edition publishing to cut down the costs of producing a book, distribution and marketing the book.

What do we do?

With the ISP system here is what we do.

  • We handle all the production of the book, including print and eBooks.
  • We do interior design.
  • We do cover design.
  • ISBN and Barcode.
  • We do the promotion of the book.
  • We arrange sales to Australian bookshops.
  • We arrange sales to UK bookshops.
  • We print the book for distribution to shops.
  • We market the book in Australia and overseas.
  • We handle posting out book to buyers.
  • Look for foreign rights and translation rights at international book fairs.
  • We deal with organising printing and logistics.
  • We list the book with all our partners for sales.
  • We make a promotional book video for YouTube.
  • Upload to YouTube and

What the author does.

Author contribution.

  • Author supplies the manuscript.
  • Author contributes to printing books, for bookshops.
  • Author contributes to stand costs at book fairs.
  • Author contributes to a Social Media campaign.
  • Author is required to buy books for their own promotion.
  • The Publisher and the author then share all net revenue, 50% – 50%.

Books published under Co-edition are, Self Help, How To, Mind, body and spirit, Business and Children’s books that have an educational message.

Note: all books must have a critique done to ascertain suitability, and commercial worthiness.