Human intelligence, learning & behaviour

This Book discusses the inner workings of the human brain and how it affects us so greatly throughout life, key topics including:

  • The structure of the human brain and how the memory system works.
  • Language and learning, conditioning, and attitude formation & measurement.
  • ‘Real’ or ‘effective’ IQ.
  • How to raise more intelligent children.
  • Psychology and psychiatry with a focus on mental disorders.
  • The many problems in the education system.
  • Learning real life skills such as career planning & consumer issues.
  • How the mass media and advertising industries turn us into consumer zombies.
  • Reverse evolution of mankind with IQ decreasing over the last century.
  • How to keep your brain active and thence ‘young’.
  • Mohr’s highly detailed numerical attitudinal model of conflict.
  • The Relativity of Intelligence.