Easy Way To Publish For Emerging Authors

In the recent past, the only viable option available to emerging authors seeking to publish their books was to use the services of a traditional publisher. Emerging authors often lamented about the difficulty of getting their books even approved by the traditional publishers. On the other hand traditional publishers are still apprehensive about the sales of new writers’ books and are reluctant to take the risk. However a new trend, self-publishing, has opened up a platform for new authors to bring their literary work to the public.

Why should an emerging author consider self-publishing? Self publishing is an easy and efficient option, which has revolutionized the world of book publishing. For one, this might be the only way to finally get the book out to the public, get recognition and perhaps earn a profit from the written work. Through self-publishing a budding author is assured that his work will see the light of day.

What are the advantages of self-publishing?

  1. The book will get published.
  2. Emerging authors who opt for self-publishing find that they have greater control over their own work. Even though it costs money to edit, design and produce a book, the author has a say in how the final product will appear.
  3. The author determines the price margins when he self-publishes his work.
  4. In self-publishing the author controls the rights to his work. On the contrary, when dealing with a traditional publisher, the author must transfer most rights to the publisher. Plus the publisher controls the final appearance and the price of the book.
  5. It doesn’t cost a lot to produce a book.  Print-on-demand services are one of the key elements which characterize the self-publishing field. Print-on-demand means that a distributor or the author only prints books when customers place orders. The advantage here is that the author does not have to incur the costs of maintaining an inventory. Traditional publishers print out books whether or not customers order these books. This can be costly given the fact that distributors will return unsold books without a refund.
  6. Self-published authors have the opportunity to target their marketing efforts directly to their target audience.
  7. Self-published authors can now take advantage of online marketing which allows them to reach greater audiences across the world. Social networking, largely unavailable to traditional publishers, is proving to be an effective marketing strategy for otherwise unknown authors.
  8. Self-publishing electronically (e-books) helps an emerging author to test the markets and his overall progress  before printing any copies of the book.

Self-publishing is a great  way for emerging authors to gain reputation, build the readership, become known to the specific audience and in many cases even make profits.
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