Mr Johnson’s Windmill

Get ready to meet Mr Johnson, a farmer from New South Wales in Australia. Experience the country as you spend a day exploring everyday life on the farm. Ever wondered what a windmill is used for? In Mr. Johnson’s Windmill you will visit a windmill and Mr. Johnson will tell you all about it. Come with Jessica Hislop on a wonderful farm journey.

Deepen Yourself – Waking to the World Within

In this book, Jeffrey J.S. Knowles challenges us to think deeply about our lives. We are surrounded by a rich, fascinating and sometimes confusing World. Yet great conversations with others can reveal avenues of investigation that can benefit every reader of the book. So how can we think more deeply about the issues that most concern us? You’ll find answers and ideas in “Deepen Yourself – Waking to the World Within”. Jeffrey J. S. Knowles is a teacher, an artist and a sustainable energy enthusiast. In this book he reveals Read More …