About Us

Inspiring Publishers are not vanity press, we are Cooperative publishers. Vanity press, are self publishing companies who sometimes pretend to be traditional publishers. They offer what looks like cheap packages to publish a book, but once they have the authors’ money they keep asking for more and more.

Vanity publishers charge over the top for printing books, in most cases an author can’t sell to shops because the books are too expensive. They also keep all the High resolution files, so you can’t go and print anywhere else, even if you find a cheaper printer.

Cooperative publishing

Is where a publisher works with the author to produce a book that has commercial value. Everything is spelt out, there are no sudden surprises, and the author knows exactly what they get.

We do what is called Co-edition publishing, where author and publisher share costs. The publisher does all the things authors can’t do, like production, marketing to partner companies, getting books printed using their partner printers, distribution to bookshops local and overseas. Getting eBooks done and out to Amazon kindle, Overdrive, and to over 230000 other eBook sellers. Promotion to literary agents and overseas publishers, for selling foreign and translation rights: to name a few things?

To have a book published by Inspiring Publishers, the author needs to have an in-house critique done for the book. This is to make sure the book has commercial value, for ISP and the author.

We simply don’t want to charge you if we know the book will not sell.

Why Inspiring Publishers started.

Inspiring Publishers was started by authors for authors.

Back in 2005 the founders wrote a small self help eBook, which was really good. They offered the book to an on-line publisher who paid $750usd for the book: sounds OK!

Although further scrutiny of the contract it showed there was no on going royalties, which they never noticed. This eBook sold thousands of copies and the authors never got any more money, and lost all their rights.

Like many authors the excitement of getting a book pickup by a publisher, plus being totally unaware of what is the standard in the industry, clouded their judgement, and they lost.

The author then wrote another self help eBook that was so successful that it replaced her income at the time, within 6 months. This time they didn’t sell it to a publisher, but did it all themselves, which was a huge learning curve, and months of hard work.

The success of this book led other authors to contacted them asking if they could help them. This is how Australian Self publishing group was born. Inspiring Publishers are the International imprint of the Australian Self Publishing Group, Pty, Ltd, and now deals with all overseas activity.