A God in The Moon: Your guide to the world of the Trinity Matrix

Why is quantum science based on the number three?

Why is the trinity of soul, mind and body the basic pattern of life?

Why are most of the worlds ancient religions based on the pattern of three?

Is there an intelligence that has designed this universe based on the number three?

Roger A. Turner in his book, A God in The Moon, your guide to the world of the Trinity Matrix seeks to uncover the truth behind the complexity of

ancient and modern beliefs and the words that form a connection with many elements of esoteric and scientific knowledge. An investigation of ancient

and modern myths brings a clearer view of the Trinity Matrix that the ‘mind of men’ has weaved to have ultimate control over our fellow humans.


“His exposition is extensive showing an encyclopaedic knowledge of myth, legend and the deeper meaning of religious language.” Robert Black, New

Dawn Magazine book reviews.

“…an interesting and worthwhile read, and is highly recommended for anyone who likes to think outside the box, it digs on occult and obscure

knowledge and likes to attack thought like a rabid dog; ripping, gouging, shredding, dismantling and finally assimilating.” Chard Curry, reviewer

for Nexus Magazine.