10 things authors miss about marketing their book

1: Forgetting that social media is social. Social media is for making friends, not direct sales. Make friends first then sales will come.

2: Failing to interact with readers and fellow writers as human beings, not objects of sales only. Approach your marketing with an attitude of genuineness, openness, and generosity. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, do you like been sold something? Treat people with empathy not as sales.

3: Authors don’t start marketing their book early enough, It’s important to have a carefully thought out marketing plan well in advance of the book coming out.

4: Authors having vague goals and not having a marketing plan. Make sure to do your research before making any vendor, retail, or editorial services decisions.

5: Authors who do not realising their book is a business. So don’t sit back and wait for success, just because your book is up on Amazon. You have to be proactive and market your work and yourself.

6: Authors who put their Book up on Amazon and expect sales to roll in magically, then they’re disappointed with the results. Take a look at Amazon there are thousands of books, if you do not push your book no one will notice it.

7: One largely underutilised marketing technique that authors miss, is obtaining endorsements from people in the same genre, before the book is published. Endorsements from the right people can help sell book.

8: Authors not understanding who their exact audience is, or potential buyers. Once the author knows their target market they can then put their energy toward building genuine relationships with this potential audience using their favourite social spaces.

9: Authors who focus on the launch period to the exclusion of the pre-launch period. Authors need to build an author platform, get known, build a presence, this can take a while but there are short cuts.

10: One of the biggest book marketing mistakes authors make is not realising that they aren’t just authors, they are also in sales. Gone are the days when an author can put their book in shops, sit back and wait for the money to roll in. If you expect this, then you will have a very long white beard, and no sales.

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