Inspiring Publishers are specialists in publishing; Self- help, How too, Business books, Mind, body and spirit, Emotional healing novels, Self Help Psychology books and Children’s books that teach something.

Our aim is to bring these books to the world, through our industry partners, literary agents and overseas publishers.

Inspiring Publishers are not like other publishers. We take a different approach to books, and aim to have our authors succeed in more ways than the conventional way.

What’s in it for the author?

One of our unique marketing methods is affiliate marketing that we have used to sell thousands of books, using the power of hundreds of other people. This works for most of the books we publish.

This is like having your own personal sales team, who have contacts you simply would never have.

Basically it is People Power, all you do is pay the affiliates a fee for selling a book: just the same as you would have to pay a shop commission.

Here is what we also can do for your book.

  • Get your printed book into Australian bookshops.
  • Get your printed book into UK bookshops.
  • Get your book on Amazon.
  • Get your book on Booktopia.
  • Get your book on Fishpond.
  • Get your book on iSubscribe.
  • Get your book on Waterstone’s UK.
  • Get your book on Wheelers library suppliers.
  • Get your book on eBay.
  • Get your book on Google Plus.
  • Get your book on Overdrive.com (world sales)
  • Get your book on Amazon Kindle (world sales)
  • Get your book on Redshelf.com (USA university bookshops)
  • Get your book on Trajectory.com and their 230000 plus partners.

In fact there are just too many partner companies to list, click here for complete list.

Publishing Options

Even more Promotion.

We also use YouTube for book promotion that has the potential to be seen by thousands of book buyers. We make a promo video of all our books, and upload to our own YouTube TV page.

Additionally we can take our authors books to the major International book fairs, where you find all the major and minor publishers and literary agents. We investigate the possibility of selling international rights to other countries, bringing in extra money for our authors.

At the book fairs your book will be promoted to our literary agents and overseas publisher partners.

Here are just some of our literary agents and publishing partners.

  • Kalem agency (Europe).
  • Big Apple agency (Asia).
  • Rightol agency (China).
  • Basheer Books (Singapore).
  • Inbooker agency (China).
  • Little Seed books (Korea).
  • Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (China).
  • Lees literary agency (Taiwan).
  • Good Publishing (Asia).
  • Link Publishing Company (Taiwan).
  • Business Weekly Publications (Asia).
  • Sandra Bruna Agency, (Spain, Portugal, South America).
  • Plus we have 10 other Agencies we work with.

We have three options for authors to publish with us.

  1. Co-edition contract publishing. Click here for terms.
  2. A royalty based publishing contract. Click here for terms.
  3. Self publishing. Click here for terms.

Click here to send us your manuscript.

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